Cody's Canine Cookies

Who We Are And What We Do

     Cody's Canine Cookies is a business that sells delicious homemade dog treats. For every purchase you make, $.25 goes to the Marin Humane Society to help take care of the animals, until they are in a home of their own.


Gracies Tasty Cheese Treats (whole wheat flour, garlic powder, vegetable oil, shredded cheese, eggs, and milk)

Low Fat Biscuits (Whole wheat flour, all purpose flour, cornmeal, rolled oats, garlic powder, vegetable oil, egg whites, molasses, skim milk, and cold water)

If you call us we can give you more details about shipping rates. I can guarantee that they are 100% home made. Your dogs will love them. I let my dogs try them and they couldn't get enough of them.

I look forward to doing business with you.